Pickup game, Bring Guests:
                    Sunday December  23, 2012  
                    2:30 pm - 3:30 pm (maybe 4)
                    Plano HS
            Plano High School    (Behind the Baseball Field)
Evan            yes
Daniel        can't make it
Joe C            yes
Joseph        out of town
Silvano        works till 3
Jake            out of town
Ed                yes
Alejandro    yes
David          out of town
Hector        yes
Edgar         yes
Sergio        yes, Santos will try to make it also
Hunter            wont be able to make it
Kobe           yes
Wagner      Yes
   Jeremiah  Yes, maybe friends also

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Game Parks:

     Carp Park (Carp) 

      Russel Creek Park

      Pizza Hut Park

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